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Smart Agriculture IOT Solutions

Smart Irrigation System

Easy operation widely application More information/ODM your own IOT solutions:

Automatic high pressure spraying system

High pressure atomizing spray in automatic and manual way. Applying to terraced film greenhouse, glass greenhouse, winter and spring greenhouses at the same time, also suitable for spraying liquid foliar fertilizer. A good helper for greenhouse plant

Fertigation Series

The water and fertilizer integrated drip irrigation system is composed of water source project, head hub project, delivery pipes and sprinklers. The system is powered by a water pump. The water source reaches the main pipeline after primary and secon

Control System

ANTO smart irrigation system allow users to irrigate via App or computer remote controlling, or via local network. The smart irrigation method changes the traditional experience-based irrigation system. It increases the agricultural watering efficien

Grouped devices

The smart irrigation system gives a real time monitoring on air temperature, air moisture, illumination intensity and soil moisture with technology of IoT, big data,cloud computing and sensing technology.The system will implement automatic irrigation

  • Smart Irrigation System

  • Automatic high pressure spraying system

  • Fertigation Series

  • Control System

  • Grouped devices

AT-02F-G /L/N

AT-02F-G /L/N

AT-02F valve controller,powered by rechargeable batteries, can be applied in regular valves in the market with standard installation hole size and detachable solar panel design. LoRa,4G and NB-IoT communication protocols are available.The valve can b

  • AT-02F-G /L/N

AT-02T-G /L/N

AT-02T Smart three way valve, A valve open, B valve open, all close design, realize flow control from two direction to cover bigger irrigation area and save more cost. LoRa,4G and NB-IoT communication protocols are available.The valve can be remote c

AT-03G-G /L

AT-03G-G /L

AT-03G smart valve controller,is powered by DC12V power supply or external solar panel.LoRa and 4G communication protocols are available.The valve can be remote controlled via mobile App, web and touch-screen HMI with multiple functions and easy oper

  • AT-03G-G /L

AT-10F-G /L/N

Smart valve actuators adopt Standard installation hole size, applicable for regular valves in the market, can replace traditional valves directly, powered by DC24V adapter or solar panel with easy installation.LoRa,4G and NB-IoT communication protoco

AT-200A-G /L/N

AT-200A-G /L/N

Smart valve actuators adaopt standard installation hole size and can directly replace traditional valves, applicable for most regular valve in the market, powered by AC220V. LoRa,4G and NB- IoT communication protocols are available.The valve can be r

  • AT-200A-G /L/N